Our team

Our high contribution for teams is based on co-operation
of our team colleagues who work in three different groups.

Game analyst

Our team of game analysts predominantly consist of ex-professional e-sports players and coaches. They analyse all aspects of game mechanics.

Quantitative analyst

Our team of mathematicians take those results and convert them into advanced mathematical models.


Our team of developers then take over and intergrade those mathematical models into our servers. Customers are than able to access our live odds through our API.

Company culture

We like to use our time efficiently, so we work in SCRUM methodology. Our flexible teams are self-organized, which gives everyone enough space to show their best. Delivering the goal is the main objective, so we go by the motto ‘Whatever floats your boat’. Creative and independent thinking is highly supported!

We love solving hard tasks with elegant and simple solutions. Focusing on selecting the right tool for each particular job, we prefer using agile methodologies.

Game analytics

Using our deep knowledge of meta-game, combined with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, we help to improve team performance and player mechanics.

We take a data driven approach to eSports. In partnership with Charles University we have developed a solution for ranking professional CS:GO players.