How long does the integration process take?
Standard API and full documentation are available for our clients. Depending on the capacity of the client’s IT team, it can usually be completed within weeks.
Why should I pay the integration fee?
This fee covers our support, maintenance and some customisation to the API.
Why do you only offer 3 titles?
Our focus is on delivering the best product on the market. In order to deliver it, we must pay great attention to the validation of our models and to constant improvement. We favour quality over quantity. Moreover, these 3 titles cover close to 90% of the eSports market.
Do you offer pre-match odds?
Yes, our odds service contains pre-match and in-play odds, resulting and timeline.
Is there a delay to your odds?
RTSmunity works will all major tournaments to get access to data with as minimal delay as possible, to prevent any lag between what is happing on stage and what we can see in the data. With regards to the processing time in our system, it takes roughly 150ms from receiving inputs to updating our odds in the API.