What you’ll be doing:

  • Processing and analyzing various data sets (from eSports matches, trading etc.)
  • Making use of your programming, statistical and creative skills to prepare and visualize data
  • Creating tools & functions for data analysis
  • You will be part of our quantitative team

What skills you must possess:

  • At least Bc. in a quantitative field
  • Basic experience with R
  • Medium experience in any programming language (could be R as well)
  • Willingness to learn - we do not expect you to know all you need for this position, but we expect you to learn

What skills will help you:

  • Experience with SQL databases / knowledge of SQL functionality and queries
  • Knowledge of statistics / student in the field of statistics
  • Experience with data processing and analysis

What you will gain:

  • Support from our quantitative team to help you overcome problems
  • Solid data-mining and analysis skills, experience dealing with a large amount of data